Innova 2012: discussions on maintenance in Strasbourg
4 January 2012

Alfresco and Incitius breakfast: control the CAD files in your ECM

During this presentation, February the 7th, 2012 in Paris, ALFRESCO will present the version 4 of its ECM platform and INCITIUS will present the time savings and consistency enhancements enabled by its iPDF solution integrated to Alfresco. Following subjects will be discussed:

  • Document off-line indexation, complying with Alfresco indexation rules.
  • Native file (AutoCAD, Word…) conversion to iPDF.
  • Bulk import of native and iPDF files in Alfresco, with dynamic database creation (filing plan and meta-data).
  • Intuitive navigation within your iPDF documents by means of hypertext links in Alfresco.
  • Access to the Alfresco repository via iView (3 seconds for searching a document or a TAG).
  • Extraction of the iPDF files contained in Alfresco and creation of a portable and interactive document database with iView on a single USB flash drive.

20 December 2011


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