Incitius Software part of the “15 companies accompanied by the BIC that start now up on their own”
22 November 2013
INCITIUS revolutionises the PDF document
6 February 2014

INCITIUS Software in l’EXPRESS : “DMS and ECM communicate with the entire enterprise”

In a special feature published on DMS (Document Management System) and ECM (Enterprise Content Management) in the weekly magazine L’EXPRESS, 10 companies were interviewed in relation to their business and specialties.

INCITIUS has presented its iPDF solution, an intelligent and intuitive format for the industry, which allows an automatic files’ PDF publishing that preserves their pre-existing intelligence.
This solution is positioned upstream and downstream of traditional DMS and ECM solutions.

To read the complete dossier (in French), please click here (Incitius on page 31).

27 November 2013


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