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The iPDF solution provides you with missing components upstream and downstream of the document management systems (DMS) and electronic content management (ECM). All our software is conceived to comply and to enforce compliance with your rules relating to organisation, and document and tag codification.


Find instantly the relevant information

Your files become intelligent and inalterable

Incitius' document management solutions create a stir:

  • Transform all your files in intelligent and inalterable iPDF documents in one click.
  • Synchronise at last all of your document repositories and technical databases.
  • Inter-document navigation is 100% intuitive.
  • Benefit from a unique entry point for the consultation of all your folders.
  • Integrity of the original electronic "master" is assured, while other actors work on faithful copies.
  • Your warranty is the one of a giant in electronic document codification: Adobe.

The INCITIUS team adapts to your organisation, and not the other way round!

Our direct approach of your problems and our different areas of expertise enables the Incitius team to extract the intelligence you have put in your files, nomenclatures, data sets, drawings and mappings.
Thanks to this automatic extraction, iPDF structures your repositories, standardises your "rebel" documents, but, as each request is different, Incitius makes a point to respect your organisation.