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IS interoperability

In current technical information systems, software interoperability is crucial.

Indeed, it becomes essential to be able to exchange information between those software systems. So they mustn't be a barrier to such an exchange.

The statement: too many software systems don't communicate with one another

With the software proliferation and the lack of coordination between the project teams, it appears that many software tools can't communicate with one another because the material tag syntax varies from software to software. As an illustrating example, one could compare current software interfaces with telephone cables and the queries passed to phone numbers, but the requested phone number doesn't exist...

The solution: the iPDF format along with iVIEW

Using iPDF© as a pivot format, you'll be able to solve very easily the interoperability problems. All the data and the different rules are encapsulated within the PDF file and with the iVIEW software, you can access with no limitation to the various information of the different databases, via interactive hypertext links contained within the PDF files.