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As an iVIEW user, you have an intuitive and visual access to all the data sets required for a specific intervention!

Simplification, profitability, interoperability: iView, an innovative search tool

Document and data consultation becomes a cinch.

Unique access point for the consultation of your repositories, the iView software enables simultaneous access to your PDF documents and the technical data of all your equipments.
Its interface for searching and localising the information you need (documents and tags) is a cinch. The hypertext links contained in the iPDF files enable an intuitive and instant navigation between the documents.
Now you organise your data with dynamic presentations, view several documents at the same time through the floating multi-windowing and can work in better way without any technological limitation.

Key features:

  • Instant search and localisation
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader as standard viewer
  • Simple and fun Interface
  • Intuitive inter-document navigation
  • Multi-tab data organisation
  • Floating multi-windowing
  • Dynamic hierarchy navigation screens
  • Data multi-views according to the specialities
  • Simultaneous display of technical documents/data
  • Extremely easy installation (no database)
  • Operating in both on-line and off-line (USB flash drive) modes
  • Dashboard

iView portal example (offshore platform)

Dashboard example : activity follow-up by discipline