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ALL on a USB flash drive

When working on industrial projects, it is frequently necessary to have parts of the main document database on hand, while conserving relevant search and navigation functionalities.

It is also sometimes necessary to have a backup of the document database, especially while working in hostile environments, as it occurs on offshore oil platforms.

The statement: the difficulty of having an interactive deported document database

It is very difficult to make electronic content management (ECM) database exports, with all the meta-data and hypertext document cross-links. Moreover, in the industry it is essential to have systems working in degraded and rescue mode, in case of emergency and of loss of computer network.

The solution: a huge document portal on a single USB flash drive

With iVIEW, you have a complete and interactive document portal at your disposal on a single USB flash drive.
No need for big servers and enormous databases, because everything is in the PDF files.
As a result, you gain access to all documents of an offshore oil platform in record time, by means of intuitive navigation between the PDF documents.