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EDM connectors

Elsewhere, impossible to perform batch document integration, no automatic file classification, no automatic document index data entry.


The statement: the lack of critical functions upstream and downstream of ECM software

A great number of content and document management systems exist (Alfresco, Documentum, Filenet, Sharepoint...). They generally don't offer a bulk document batch import function with automatic file classification and they don't automatise the document index data entry. Moreover, the user interfaces giving access to the documents are rather stern, without any possible intuitive navigation.

The solution: iFILES and iVIEW

With iFILES, bulk document batch import in ECM software is made extremely simple. You can check if all pre-requisites are met before import.
With iVIEW, access directly all your PDF documents via a simple and fun user interface, and navigate intuitively between your documents by means of hypertext links.