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Major shutdown planning

Do you really think it is possible to plan a major shutdown with a cost estimating of 50 to 300 million euros with PDF files and the iPDF solution only?

The statement: missing information and inconsistencies during major shutdown (turnaround) planning

The planning of major shutdowns for industry facilities, requires the listing of all the foreseen repair and maintenance works (by speciality) and the listing of the necessary materials to be ordered. This is generally achieved by means of a database or a set of Excel files, and also requires to annotate some documents to localise the places where the works will be performed.

The solution: iANNOT

With iANNOT, create tools palettes that will enable you to insert intelligent annotations in the PDF files, in order to create automatically the unique work (check-)list, and to list all the spare parts to be ordered. You hereby control the consistency between the work list and the annotations in the documents.



Demonstration video - Shutdown / Turnaround planning with iView