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For the management of master files in the industry, Incitius has created iFiles for the process and batch management. Leading to significant time savings and increased performance!

Your files gain intelligence, in order to follow to the letter your own organisational procedures

Documentary evidence in the event of an incident

You know that your files don't contain only data.
The iFiles software also reads the information related to standards and record management rules and enables you to rapidly provide effective documentary evidences in the event of an incident.
iFile's master files input/output module enables you to control the lifecycle of your documents (production, publication and distribution) and follows to the letter each of your own organisational procedures.
The current power of iFile's analysis, structuring and checking functions enables to organise up to many thousands of your existing files in a handful of minutes.

Key features:

  • File format support for dwg, dgn, dxf, doc, xls, pdf, jpg, tif...
  • Input/output management for the document lifecycle management
  • Automatic file classification
  • Automatic file naming
  • Compliance with ISO 15489-1:2001 and ISO 15489-2:2001 standards, record management standards
  • Automatic iPDF publication
  • Configuration of the metadata capture rules
  • Excel meta-data Import/Export