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Blinding preparation

In order for technicians to operate on industrial facilities and to undertake maintenance works on equipments, the concerned equipments have to be made available securely.

It is therefore necessary to isolate the different circuits and equipments. This preparation phase is called the BLINDING.

The statement : interferences between actors

The blinding has a contractual character and the persons in charge of this operation have to sign a signatures table. Blind flanges are generally reported on the process drawings (PFDs, P&IDs...), so that they can be localised. Interferences can occur between the operators in charge of the blinding process, for making installations available, and the craft personnel acting during shutdown maintenance works or new works, having its own blinding process.

The solution : iANNOT

With iANNOT, build tools palettes to insert intelligent annotations on your PDF files, enabling you to generate automatically the lists of blind flanges and mounting operations, along with the signatures table. All these operations will then be consistent with the facility procedures and operating methods (degassing and gassing phases...). The relevant circuits being highlighted with dedicated colour codes.