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The company

Our company created the iPDF software suite, used in plants and industry facilities using Document management (DMS or TDMS, ECM) and PDF file annotation.

INCITIUS is a software company specialised in the PDF format, the CAD formats and the electronic document management. Our solutions integrate upstream and downstream of the DMS and ECM solutions. Based on our 25 years experience and our expertise (industry, organisation and computer skills), we have created a worldwide unique solution, the iPDF solution.

We have created the intelligent PDF for the industry

We adapted the PDF format to the industry and created iPDF (Intelligent and interactive PDF, industry-oriented) to respond to needs of major industrial groups such as Total, Sanofi, Arkema...

iPDF© is a structured and controlled publication of CAD/Office/image files, preserving their pre-existing intelligence (document indexation, meta-data, drawing cross-references, tags).

INCITIUS is accompanied by the BIC (Business and Innovation Centre) of Cap Omega in Montpellier (Business & Innovation Centre | (bic-montpellier.com), elected the world's best start-up incubator in 2007.