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Inspection and HSE

On an industrial facility subject to the Seveso 2 European directive, routine inspections are mandatory. How can their documentation be managed with flexibility, rapidly and seamlessly?

These inspections concern subjected equipments and pipelines, in order to measure the remaining material thickness and state (corrosion degree).

The statement: difficult consistency between monitoring and planning software

Software exist for the monitoring and planning of inspection work (inspection points to be verified). But the monitoring of other items, such as the temporary repair clamps or some minor incidents is also necessary. Most of the time, this follow-up is done directly on the layout drawings, in association with an Excel file.

The solution : iANNOT

With iANNOT create tools palettes to insert intelligent annotations on the PDF files, in order to generate automatically the clamps and minor incidents lists. The annotations will be placed on different layers: this will enable you to produce easily a synthetic view if the annotations are inserted by different services (inspection and environment for example).