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Red line markup

In the industrial environment, modifications of the technical and production installations occur very frequently. These modifications have to be reported on the concerned drawings and plans.

Sometimes, during on-site surveys, errors can be identified in the used drawing. These non-conformities have to be passed on to the service in charge of the document management. These annotations are called "Red Line Markup".

The statement:  risk of update requests misunderstanding

How can these annotations be displayed in applying the same symbols libraries used in CAD (valves, equipments, contactors...)? Moreover, the graphical symbolic is very important, and an inaccurate interpretation by the drawer in charge of the native file updating (AutoCAD, Microstation...) can have serious consequences. Therefore the traceability of all these update requests has to be assured.

The solution: CAD symbols libraries in PDF format

With iANNOT you can manage your own symbol libraries from your AutoCAD symbols and to insert them very easily. We already propose standard symbol libraries for some document types, such as PFDs and P&IDs.