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Visuals presenting (in French) the iPDF Electronic Document Management Solution and its iANNOT, iVIEW and iFILES tools.

Hereunder, you can find excerpts of a video shot at the University of Strasbourg (France) and presenting in details the iPDF functionalities, based on a specific case.
But nothing replaces a demonstration. We travel all over the world, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Have a look at the complete video shot (1h in French) on the use of our software in the frame of the maintenance shutdowns planning in Congo : https://www.canalc2.tv/video.asp?idvideo=11084

Mobility data management

We store the information, which describes a document, directly in (+)

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IView software demonstration: data navigation and documents display

With iView, navigation is a child’s play.
With a unique access (+)

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iPDF solution: an easy way to save months of work


Some examples of huge time savings with iPDF.
Current software systems (+)

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How iPDF revamps, shortens and automatises ancient procedures

Example: shutdown planning for an oil offshore platform.
Preparation of industry (+)

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iANNOT: CAD directly in the PDF format

Introduction to iANNOT, a CAD tool directly available within iPDF

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