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Clearly faster and safer. In one year, the time savings estimates reach easily many weeks per employee!

The greater the constraints, the more the iPDF products
turn out to be efficient and cost-effective. See how!

Plans, drawings, procedures: technical document management takes off with iPDF

Any facility is equipped with a CMMS to manage its equipments and their characteristics. Yet, in order to ensure proper operation, it also has to be able to retrieve all documents (plans, drawings, procedures...) related to an equipment. This is precisely the function of a technical document management software (TDMS) and that's what iPDF does. The iPDF file integrates by default all TDMS functions (search, equipment localisation and intuitive inter-document navigation).
One of the main differences is your... freedom. Indeed, the iPDF software works in a completely self-sufficient way with the free Acrobat Reader software or integrates with all systems accepting the PDF format.

But iPDF provides you more!

  • Total interoperability: communication with all existing software (CMMS, inspection, ECM...)
  • On-board intelligence: encapsulation of images and technical data, compliance with the document filing plan and the Asset hierarchy
  • Hypertext links: intra and inter-document (CAD, office...) navigation by means of hypertext links
  • Strong sustainability: PDF is a standard since 2008
  • Displaying and printing: PDF can be displayed on any computer and printed easily
  • Publication: PDF keeps the original document layout unchanged and is not modifiable