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CAD publication

According to document management norms, not the native document (dwg, dgn, doc, xls...) but a non-editable and easy to read version should be distributed.

The current publication standard is the PDF format and many software provide by default a PDF print feature (AutoCAD, MS Word, MS Excel…).

The statement: PDF printing of drawings and plans becomes less and less controlled

A problem of major concern is the control of the printing in order to comply to the printing format (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0...), the layout, the scaling factor and the plot styles (line colour and thickness). We are encountering more and more documents of A1 or A0 original size, but printed in PDF to the A3 size (the printing thus not complying with the original size). Another problem is that the pre-existing intelligence that was used to produce the native document is lost (title block data, references to other drawings, tags, text styles…).

The solution: iFILES

With iFILES and the iPDF© format your printing is controlled, and encapsulates within your PDF file the pre-existing intelligence of your native files (document indexation, references to other drawings, tags). The iFILES software enables you also to print file batches (up to several thousands).